The Voice

The Voice

If you’re familiar with the TV show The Voice, you will recall the judges can’t see the singer but can only hear their voice. If they like the voice enough then they turn their chairs around.

My question is: would our community turn their chair around if they heard the voice of our church?

Would our voice be strong enough, clear enough; would it even be in the language of our audience? Would our voice sound loving, compassionate, gracious and accepting of all? Would our voice have a kind, welcoming tone? Would it be an authentic sound? Sadly the answer across much of Europe and other parts of the world is ‘no’ and the judges are not turning around.

Every local church has a voice and gets to choose how to express it. It is a wonderful voice; it is God’s loving, kind and gracious voice within you. When we sing with that voice, it is irresistible.

We must find the voice that turns their chairs around.



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