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Posted by | 09/09/2013
Chosen devotional series

Here is the 7 day video devotional series on CHOSEN. Introduction to a devotional life (watch here) Day 1 -  1 Peter 2vs9 (message) We are chosen, chosen by God! Day...

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Posted by | 08/09/2013
Chosen devotional day 7

Day 7 – You are chosen for a purpose! We are here for a reason. We find purpose by following our gifts and strengths. Once you have found your shape, your purpose...

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Posted by | 07/09/2013
Chosen devotional day 6

Day 6 - Ephesians 1vs4 God chose us according to his good pleasure. You are an absolute pleasure to God! God could not care less about what people think about you....

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Posted by | 06/09/2013
Chosen devotional day 5

Day 5 – We were chosen once and for all time. You cannot be un-chosen. Tweet me your thoughts: @Paulscanlonuk using #Chosen

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Posted by | 05/09/2013
Chosen devotional day 4

Day 4 – We were chosen first! No one is more chosen than you are! Tweet me your thoughts: @Paulscanlonuk using #Chosen

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Posted by | 04/09/2013
Chosen devotional day 3

Day 3 – Ephesians 1vs4 We were chosen, before we were born. You don’t need to do anything to impress God! Gods choosing is based on his heart of love...

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Posted by | 03/09/2013
Chosen devotional day 2

Day 2 – Matthew 22vs14 We were not chosen by people. Chosen by God and this makes you special! The God of all creation chose you! Tweet me your thoughts -...

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Posted by | 02/09/2013
Chosen devotional day 1

Here is an introduction to what a devotional life means to me, and information about the devotion we will be doing together over the next 6 days on being chosen....

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Posted by | 30/08/2013
Managing Expectations message

Here is a message I shared at Life Church on the 25th of August 2013 about 'Managing Expectations' Unmanaged expectations are the thief of hope, courage and confidence. We've got...

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Posted by | 30/08/2013

iChurch Part 1 iChurch Part 2

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