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the battle for the loins paul scanlon

The Battle for the Loins

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God thinks generationally. However, he thinks not only of former generations but future generations. God thinks of and plans for the people inside the loins of people. Because we generally don’t think generationally, we have paid little regard to the consequences of our decisions and actions on the children in our loins.

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I am Not My Father

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This book title is a phrase God put on my heart to help express a spiritual truth that is vital for everyone to grasp. This is a positive, life-changing book which has something to say to everyone, whatever kind of father they had. ‘I Am Not My Father’ is where he ends and I begin. It’s drawing a line; it’s about taking our lives off autopilot and creating room to make, perhaps, the most defining decisions of our lives. ‘I Am Not My Father’ is the securing of a better life for the next generation, in this age of reluctant, absent, irresponsible and abusive fathers. The root of this declaration is not to dishonour our fathers in any way. It is rather a statement of godly defiance, a determined stand, a refusal to become a repeat performance to our children of the poor or defective aspects of their fathering of us. “I Am Not My Father’ is about the liberation of the real you.

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the 15 revolution paul scanlon

The 15 Revolution

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This book sets out to make us more aware of the people in our immediate space and to provoke us to be the bringers of God’s life to the hurting world on our doorstep. It is as simple – and as difficult – as being willing to give 15 minutes a day to be inconvenienced in order to help someone.

crossing over paul scanlon

Crossing Over

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This book is the essential guide for your journey from complacency to passion, to challenge your sense of comfort, to step out into unknown territory and to help you get your best life yet. Crossing Over is for all those who are no longer willing to settle in what has been before, and for those who are willing to step out into unknown – the time is now! The church of tomorrow is wrapped up in the decisions you make today.

event vs process paul scanlon

Events Versus Process

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This challenging and insightful book explores the fundamental basis by which you live your Christian life. It explains the mystery of why Believers who share very similar experiences can end up living such radically different Christian lives. But best of all, it provides practical wisdom to ensure that we all live the productive and fruitful lives God intended.

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