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1. The Adjustment Bureau

The Adjustment Bureau is heavens alterations service. Sometimes the way that we interpret our lives is so inaccurate that God decides to intervene by editing our inner narrative.

2. Diplomatic Immunity

We are Ambassadors of heaven but we have not understood or enjoyed our diplomatic immunity. If there was ever a time to grasp this concept it’s now!

2. Don’t despise the day of small beginnings

God told Zachariah not to despise small beginnings, because small, fragile, unstable, and unsupported beginnings can be so despicable.

2. Erroneous Transfers (ET)

ERRONEOUS TRANSFER was a term I’d never heard until I called my energy supplier to complain about my consistently high electricity bill.

2. Leftovers – the miracle of the discarded

There’s a miracle in the discarded things, there’s a miracle amongst the discarded people that nobody wants, and that was maybe once you.
God is a God of the leftovers and we must be too!!