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1. Love is not a gift, it is a baton

LOVE IS NOT A GIFT IT’S A BATON…based on the parable of the unmerciful servant who received mercy but didn’t pass it on … once batons become owned love stops flowing…we are carriers of the baton of love, grace, mercy and forgiveness not keepers… church history has been the erratic story of a church that’s either passed the baton on or kept and warehoused it.

1. Step out of stuck

STEP OUT OF STUCK based on the encounter Jesus had with the severely disabled man waiting for a miracle at the pool of Bethesda in John 5.

2. Diplomatic Immunity

We are Ambassadors of heaven but we have not understood or enjoyed our diplomatic immunity. If there was ever a time to grasp this concept it’s now!

2. Erroneous Transfers (ET)

ERRONEOUS TRANSFER was a term I’d never heard until I called my energy supplier to complain about my consistently high electricity bill.

2. Samson – God’s Magnificent Irritation

I think I can safely say you’ve never heard a message about Samson like this.

We’ve been unkind, judgemental and negative about Samson.
If you google Samson nothing good comes up.

2. Solution oriented thinking

Jesus schooled his team in solution oriented thinking and here’s how.

2. The Gift Of Limitation

To see limitation as a gift is to see the hidden value of something we usually see as a negative. In this message I explain the difference between limitations of design and limitations of default.

4. Power of imaginary friends

We are the only species on the planet blessed with the amazing gift of imagination and yet as we age we use it less and less.