1. Finding Your Peloton


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Peloton is a cycling term that describes the main group of riders who’s role is to escort, chaperone and bodyguard their principle rider to victory.
The PELOTON exists to surround the sprinter so that their bodies absorb the wind and reduce the drag on him. They conserve his energy at the expense of their own until the final seconds when he breaks for the finish line.
These people may not just be friends, staff or colleagues, they are strategic alliances committed to your success.
Every human needs a PELOTON we all need people physically and/or virtually who are our squad our platoon ushering us towards a winning life.

David had Jonathan and his mighty men.
Jonathan had his armour bearer.
Jesus had his apostles and Mary & Martha.
Paul had Timothy, Silas and his apostolic team.
WHO’S YOURS? … where are the people who’ve being sent to help you win?