Prosperity of the Soul

“We have entered the age of human flourishing.”

There are over 7 billion humans on this beautiful planet, most of us living our lives from the OUTSIDE IN. We live more conscious of the physical and material world than we do of our internal spiritual ecosystem.

The world has never been more prosperous, educated or connected. Our advances in technology and medicine are unparalleled and yet despite that we have never been sicker, lonelier, nor more depressed and suicidal.

This is a seminar devoted to the care and cultivation of the soul, it is dedicated to the restoration of the best parts of our humanity.

Over the three hours we shall examine the essence of personhood, identity and the curation of a healthy soul. We have entered the AGE OF HUMAN FLOURISHING and the prosperity of the soul is part of my investment into it and you.

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Top communicators speak from their heart not their head. They understand that connection with their audience isn’t in their subject or knowledge but in themselves.

Everyone has a life message, that message is your why and people don’t follow your what, where, when or who – they follow your why.

People don’t listen with their ears they listen with how they think. How people think is governed by their belief systems and those beliefs are shaping their lives.

The best communicators have mastered the art of capture. In this session learn how to become a master of capture.

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