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Ageing Well

What I have discovered is that most of us are not ageing well and don’t realise early enough in life that ageing well must be intentional. We humans don’t age well by default so we must do it by design and the sooner we start the better.

We must design the kind of life we want and even more so from about the age of forty onwards when the free ride of youth is over.

Nobody dies of old age, we die because of decay and whilst ageing is inevitable decay is not.

This video series will show you how to resist and even reverse decay so that even though you’re ageing you’re constantly feel younger, fitter and sharper with every passing year.

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Welcome to this ageing well video series, we are going to grow and learn so much together.

I have spent weeks recording to camera my distilled wisdom from over sixty years of my ageing well journey in order to pass onto you.

Ageing well is complex and I’ve discovered that it is both an art and a science, however most of us know all the science but totally miss the art. We take our bodies to the gym for a work out but neglect our soul and as I will show you, the soul holds the keys to the ageing well matrix.

This video series will cover my top five INSIGHTS about ageing well with three LAYERS to each insight.

My five insight areas are PHYSICALLY – EMOTIONALLY – RELATIONALLY – GENERATIONALLY – MENTALLY with a further three layers and component parts about each insight. (See below in course breakdown for further information).

All I ask is that you be as present as you can as you watch these videos, find a time and place for a few minutes each day to listen, learn and grow with me.



How this Ageing Well program will help you


There isn’t enough wisdom about ageing well out there. We’ve got an overload of information about diet and exercise as if that’s all there is to ageing well.

Also so much that’s on offer has a financial agenda to it because it feels like everyone is trying to sell us their latest diet, exercise and elixir of life programmes. I’m not trying to sell you my protein shake, smoothie or vitamin and I’ve nothing against any of those things.

I’m one of you, I’m just a normal person who at the age of 61 has figured some stuff out about the ageing process that nobody told me and i wish they had.

This video series will serve all of you, your spirit, soul and body.

  • I will show you HOW your external world is tightly bound to your internal world and how you cannot age well in one without the other.

  • You will LEARN that your mental and emotional health is a non negotiable in ageing well.

  • You WILL become very aware about how much those you do life is a massive issue in ageing well.

  • You WILL be more conscious than ever about legacy and HOW ageing well must include passing on the baton of what you know.


Course Overview

Insight 1



There’s far more layers to ageing well than just physically but how we look and move is the first thing we usually notice. Ageing well physically is hugely undervalued especially by men and taking care of yourself physically must be intentional. I don’t want you to spend your later years avoiding scales and mirrors. I want you to actually love how you look and feel, and I want to show you how to do that.


Insight 2



 One of the most obvious signs of not ageing well is old unchanged and often entrenched thinking. The human mind has massive Neuroplasticity or the ability to be flexible, agile and adaptive until we die. Sadly most of us park up mentally somewhere in mid life and begin perhaps inadvertently to resist innovation and change and cleave to some good old days mentality. I find it sad and embarrassing to hear people of my age being old fashioned and defensive when in the presence of a more progressive mindset. Don’t get old in your head!


Insight 3



We can’t age well by neglecting our emotional life. Emotions and feelings are worn, carried and expressed through our bodies and sadly most humans are totally unaware of the huge cost of toxic emotions in the ageing well process.


Insight 4



They say that we are the sum total of those we do life with, I’m not sure about that but I am sure that being unintentional about relationships isn’t good for ageing well. People end up in our lives for all sorts of reasons, family, friends, work and romance. How people get into your life is perhaps more traceable than the damage they can do once they’re in. You cannot age well and be careless about relationships and the energies that people bring with them.


Insight 5



I don’t think that thinking more generationally has to wait to older age. Thinking and living with a generational mindset is another huge blind spot to ageing well. Living for something bigger than you, working for something that you will never live to see finished is a massive key to longevity. Ageing Well means doing life with and partnering with those coming after us.


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