2. Left Handed Leadership in a Right Handed World


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Left handed leadership in a right handed world is about what the 90% right handed world can learn from the 10% left handers.

Left handers despite their tiny minority have had a massive effect on human history.

Militarily, architecturally, musically and in sports, politics and the highest levels of leadership south paws have had a huge disproportionate influence on mankind’s evolution.

This message looks into the neuroscience of how the brain is cross wired and the implications of that for right handed left brain people vs left handed right brain people. It’s another subject who’s time has come because the world has already entered a whole new era which is replacing the Information Age and this new world order favours left handers who are right brain dominant.

I want to speak to our right handed world about the need for us to develop more right brain skills in order for us to flourish in this new era.

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