I am Not My Father

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This book title is a phrase God put on my heart to help express a spiritual truth that is vital for everyone to grasp. This is a positive, life-changing book which has something to say to everyone, whatever kind of father they had. ‘I Am Not My Father’ is where he ends and I begin. It’s drawing a line; it’s about taking our lives off autopilot and creating room to make, perhaps, the most defining decisions of our lives. ‘I Am Not My Father’ is the securing of a better life for the next generation, in this age of reluctant, absent, irresponsible and abusive fathers. The root of this declaration is not to dishonour our fathers in any way. It is rather a statement of godly defiance, a determined stand, a refusal to become a repeat performance to our children of the poor or defective aspects of their fathering of us. “I Am Not My Father’ is about the liberation of the real you.

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