Communication Volume 1 - Paul ScanlonCommunication Volume 1 - Paul Scanlon

Communication Volume 1


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  • 40 insights from Paul Scanlon on how to become an outstanding communicator.
  • Learn unique ways to capture new ideas for talks/presentations
  • How to use master phrasing, tone and body language


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Topics include:

  • Nerves are normal
  • Our meaning is our leaning
  • If you can’t say it short, you’re not ready
  • Attributes and benefits
  • All of you wants to help all of you
  • Match face with heart
  • People follow people not ideas
  • Connection is the holy grail
  • Language, accents and vocabulary
  • To reach hearts, speak from the heart
  • What is the point of your points

From Paul: The difference between the best communicators and the rest isn’t effort but where the effort is placed.
The best work on themselves more than others do, they know that being a better communicator starts with being a better you

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