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Servant Leadership


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  • Gain new leadership influence by becoming a Servant Leader
  • Learn how to serve your way back into the hearts and lives of your communities
  • Understand the global revolution against all forms of non-servant leadership


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From Paul:I’m thrilled to be releasing my new SERVANT LEADERSHIP video series. I’ve never known a time at both the macro global level and the micro daily customer service level where an issue has ever been more pervasive.

We are experiencing a global revolution against all forms of non servant leadership and i for one am happy to be a part of it. We are sick and tired of a world that for generations has kept promoting people into leadership roles who were never servants in the first place.

You can bolt leadership onto servanthood later, but you can’t bolt servanthood onto leadership later. We want to be led by people who lead as they would want to be led, and serve as they’d want to be served. This video series has been a huge labour of love and it is my contribution to this massive human need that we all have of feeling appreciated and served by those who lead us.

Timing matters because an idea ahead of or after its time is by definition far less interesting, relevant or influential.
Ideas borrow huge strength and momentum from timing.

Timing is everything when it comes to ideas and so much that is happening in the world today makes the idea of servant leadership so relevant and desperately needed.

The words servant and leader don’t sit well together and that’s because we don’t really understand the nature of either. Servant sounds too much like slave and leader sounds too much like boss and we don’t know how a person can be both. We have made people leaders who were not firstly servants, so we feel lead but not served.

To properly understand servant leadership we first need to understand how we ended up with such a huge absence of it in contemporary society.

Each cause of its decline also contains the key to its restoration.

Though this is not a new subject and though Jesus was the ultimate example of a servant leader, this seminar isn’t exclusively for or about the church, it’s about humanity. It’s a an experience where we will do two things.

We are going to replace you and set up in competition with you and serve our way back into the hearts and lives of our communities. We know that when we sow service we reap influence and that “earned” influence becomes the foundation of a new breed of leaders called SERVANT LEADERS.

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