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Paul Scanlon’s Super Soul Pack Audio Talks

  • Hierarchy of the Soul
  • The gift of limitation
  • Meaning is forged not found
  • My greatest gift to you is a healthy me part 1 & 2
  • Acceptance precedes change
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Hierarchy of the Soul

There are three members of the soul MIND -EMOTIONS AND WILL.
Though this is relatively common knowledge what isn’t commonly known is that the soul has a hierarchy.
Every human was born with the same soul hierarchical system and in that system the MIND IS KING.
When the King is ruling then the emotions and the will serve us well but when the king is usurped by the emotions the kingdom collapses.
We have not taught this well in the church and that’s resulted in believers with an over developed spirit and an impoverished soul.
The human soul is a highly sensitive ecosystem and this message will help you to restore balance to that ecosystem.

The gift of limitation

The gift of limitation is a very different take on limitation. To see limitation as a gift is to see the hidden value of something we usually see as a negative. In this message I explain the difference between limitations of design and limitations of default.
Our designer limitations are the ones we must accept and not waste our lives trying to change. Making peace with limitations we can’t change frees us to focus on the ones we can change.

2. The Gift Of Limitation

Meaning is forged not found

Meaning isn’t found its forged and yet there are so many people who offer meanings to explain and tidy up life. Destiny and meaning are two different things God decides destiny but you decide meaning. A flawed meaning can derail destiny because our meaning becomes our identity and our story. Listen and find some wisdom for forging meaning and building  identity.

5. Meaning is FORGED not found

My Greatest Gift To You Is A Healthy Me Part 1 & 2

Jesus said that the entire law and the prophets all came down to two things. Love God with everything you’ve got and love others like you love yourself. It’s much easier to love God than people, after all what is there not to love. But it seems that the key to loving other people is to first love yourself. So the first law of human relationships is that we cannot love other people any more than we can do ourselves, and we cannot export to others what we don’t have for ourselves. The second greatest commandment comes down to this, my greatest gift to you has got to be a healthy me.

My Greatest Gift To You Is A Healthy Me part 1

Acceptance precedes change

As far as Gods concerned Acceptance precedes change. Jesus accepted people with no request for change first, but sadly people reverse that. We must accept people just as they are because unconditional acceptance is the secret key to voluntary change.

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