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The Best of Paul Scanlon in a 5 part bundle – Audio Talks

  • Simplify Your Life
  • The Agony of divine delay
  • The Centurion Factor
  • Step Out of Stuck
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Simplify your life

Simplify Your Life

Do you need to simplify your life?
Complexity is costly on many fronts mentally, emotionally, relationally and financially and we really can’t afford it.
Here are 6 ways to simplify your life 

1. Agony of Divine Delay

Agony of Divine Delay

This new message is for anyone living in the agonising delay between tragedy striking and God intervening. It’s about the times in our lives when God seems absent, invisible, deaf, silent and indifferent to our pain and suffering.
Abraham, Moses, Joseph, Job and Jeremiah to name but a few have all endured the pain of apparent “PASSIVE OMNIPOTENCE” so you’re in good company.
This message is not for the faint hearted nor is it for those whose God is too fragile to be questioned or criticised by humanity.

Are you or is someone you know living in THE AGONY OF DIVINE DELAY… if so this for you.

3. The Centurion Factor

The Centurion Factor

The Centurion Factor is the kind of faith that gets God to do things nobody knew he could, would, or should do.
Centurion Factor People are outside the box thinkers, game changers and God amazers.

Step out of stuck

STEP OUT OF STUCK based on the encounter Jesus had with the severely disabled man waiting for a miracle at the pool of Bethesda in John 5.
This poor man was not only paralysed and stuck physically but also mentally emotionally and relationally. He was STUCK because he had spent decades at Bethesda, a place that was rigged for failure and disappointment.
I’m using BETHESDA as a metaphor for anytime you’ve got stuck in your life. Bethesda can be any place, person or situation that promises breakthrough whilst locking you into a system, structure and culture that denies your breakthrough.

BETHESDA is a place of highly organised failure and systemic disappointment.
Many people are stuck in life by their highly organised fear, guilt, shame, anger, regret and failure.
This severely disabled man waiting for a miracle at Bethesda didn’t realise that his miracle would be in leaving Bethesda the problem WAS Bethesda. Jesus told him to STEP OUT OF
STUCK.. leave the system and go home and millions of us need to do the same. Don’t keep surrendering your life to other people’s Bethesda’s and leaders stop creating Bethesda churches and organisations.

Love is not a gift, it’s a baton

Based on the parable of the unmerciful servant who received mercy but didn’t pass it on … once batons become owned love stops flowing…we are carriers of the baton of love, grace, mercy and forgiveness, not keepers… church history has been the erratic story of a church that’s either passed the baton on or kept and warehoused it.

Nobody owns the baton
Batons can’t be handled twice
Batons can’t be dropped
Batons are passed in motion
Batons must be passed in a zone.. delayed passing like delayed love is a fail.
Selective love
Controlling love
Conditional love
Protected love
Manipulative love
Coercive love … are not valid batons.

WE ARE SERVANTS OF THE BATON and few things make God as angry as when people who’ve received his love, mercy, grace and forgiveness…Don’t pass it on.

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