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Paul Scanlon’s top 10 leadership talks in a 5 part bundle – Audio Talks

  • Left handed leadership in a right handed world
  • Skin in the game
  • Tyranny is the deliberate removal of nuance
  • Who’s pushing them in
  • Solution oriented thinking
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Left-handed leadership in a right-handed world

Left-handed leadership in a right-handed world is about what the 90% right-handed world can learn from the 10% left-handers. Left handers despite their tiny minority have had a massive effect on human history. Militarily, architecturally, musically and in sports, politics and the highest levels of leadership south paws have had a huge disproportionate influence on mankind’s evolution. This message looks into the neuroscience of how the brain is cross-wired and the implications of that for right handed left brain people vs left handed right brain people. It’s another subject who’s time has come because the world has already entered a whole new era which is replacing the Information Age and this new world order favours left handers who are right brain dominant. I want to speak to our right handed world about the need for us to develop more right-brain skills in order for us to flourish in this new era.

Skin In The Game:

If you have NO skin in the game then you’re not in the game.

You may be at the game, believe in the game, know people in the game or even be an expert in the game but if you have no skin in it your a spectator. Jesus was the ultimate skin in the game leader and we his church come from a long line of skin in the game believers and pioneers and martyrs. In this age of entitlement and virtual reality skin in the game we are never more like him than when have skin in the game of humanities pain and suffering. Do you have any skin in the game?

Tyranny is the deliberate removal of nuance

The word NUANCE is from the French word meaning ‘shades’ and in this very divided world we need to appreciate different shades more than ever.
Everything has become either/or…for/against…good/bad…black/white…true/false….right/wrong…gay/straight…us/them….in/out…Brexit/remain…Republican/Democrat…guns/no guns…Palestine/Israel…etc… If you’re not convinced just try posting your shade of perspective on anything & prepare to be trolled.

The Apostle Paul writes to the very divided multicultural church in Rome who were judging each other about certain foods, holy days and rituals. He concludes that all these things are ‘DISPUTABLE MATTERS’ or subject to NUANCE and it was the deliberate removal of any allowance for nuance that created the social pressure to ‘take sides’ in the church. He went on to teach us that in Christ there’s no Jew/gentile…male/female…slave/free… but that we are all ONE in the ‘NUANCE ALLOWING’ CHRIST JESUS
Tyranny is when I control the debate and deny you any grey because I’m addicted to black or white.

Nuance is the difference between allowing my first impressions to shut me down and realising there’s far more information and perspective here that I would benefit from knowing.
Do you like GREEN? .. if so which one? There are over 500 official shades of green. But that becomes over one MILLION when you factor in how we each perceive colours differently through our own unique photoreceptors (remember that internet dress?) We go to war over ‘green’ not realising that we actually all love green, just different shades.
There is no right or wrong GREEN! God so loved the world that he didn’t create one shade of anything. Lets not build lives or churches that deliberately remove nuance…it’s a TYRANNY.

Who’s pushing them in?

(Archbishop Desmond Tutu). This is a message about how the world is waking up to the realisation that the long term answer to humanities troubles isn’t RESCUE BUT RE-EDUCATION.
It’s: PREVENTION NOT CURE, CAUSES NOT EFFECTS. We have to stop building organisations, businesses and churches that MAJOR on encounter and intervention and MINOR on education and prevention.

Solution-oriented thinking

It’s not our natural default to be solution oriented thinkers but it is vita to problem solving and progress. Jesus schooled his team in solution oriented thinking and here’s how.

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