Leadership Roundtable

Leadership Roundtable


My leadership roundtables will be for an exclusive number of progressive leaders and thinkers. A roundtable event is one of the most flexible formats for learning and growing that there is.

These forums are for those who want to engage in both the exchange of innovative ideas and incisive conversation about our shared interest and passions. The metaphorical table is round because although my role is to choose topics and chair the event it is one of a catalyst rather than a controller of our time together.

Perhaps it’s also an opportunity for us to not have to be the smartest person in the room and to spend a few hours with both peers and mentors.

These events will be online and physical, and each one will be limited to a certain number of people (maximum 30) and will be centred around certain topics of discussion. I hope to see you at one of these events coming up in a city or timezone near you.

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