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Though this is not a new subject and though Jesus was the ultimate example of a servant leader, this seminar isn’t exclusively for or about the church, it’s about humanity. It’s a three hour experience where we will do two things.

FIRSTLY: I want to establish that this is an idea whose time has come globally. By examining both the current world wide political revolutions and the generational mindset shifts that the millennials represent. I want to show clearly that at the heart of all this is a mass people movement against self serving leadership regimes.

SECONDLY: I want to offer a few reasons for the decline of Servant Leadership not least of which is the rise of huge impersonal institutions and the loss of physical community. I want also to suggest ways to restore servant leadership back into the mainstream of our businesses, politics churches and communities.

In fact we are going to replace you and set up in competition with you and serve our way back into the hearts and lives of our communities. We know that when we sow service we reap influence and that “earned” influence becomes the foundation of a new breed of leaders called SERVANT LEADERS.

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Servant Leadership - Paul Scanlon

Servant Leadership

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  • Gain new leadership influence by becoming a Servant Leader
  • Learn how to serve your way back into the hearts and lives of your communities
  • Understand the global revolution against all forms of non-servant leadership



Who is Servant Leadership for?

This is a 2-3 hour seminar including Q&A, that can be tailored for your company, or event. So get in touch with us for more information.

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“Love = service = influence = authority.”

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