Upcoming Communication Masterclasses

The Communication Masterclass is a one day six part training event aimed at all whose work, vocation or lifestyle requires them to present their ideas publicly.

Whether it’s to two or two thousand people the effective communication of our most important ideas, dreams and visions can be done extremely well when equipped with the right tools.

The teaching covers six main areas:

Speaking from the heart

Top communicators speak from their heart not their head.
They understand that connection with their audience isn’t in their subject or knowledge but in themselves.

Understanding how people listen

People don’t listen with their ears they listen with how they think.
How people think is governed by their belief systems and those beliefs are shaping their lives.

Finding your life message

Everyone has a life message, that message is your why and people don’t follow your what, where, when or who – they follow your why.

The art of capture

The best communicators have mastered the art of capture.
In this session learn how to become a master of capture.

Finding your vocal fingerprint

Everyone has their own unique God given voice but most have never found it.
This session will help you to identify your personal signature note.

Finding your tribe

Here’s some practical wisdom about public speaking.
When to say no, importance of taking some control of the event, know what you’re getting yourself into and more.

The masterclass focuses on developing you the communicator.

Who is the Communication Masterclass for?

It is for a wide range of people, anyone desiring to give voice to their ideas, vision, concept, complaint or cause.

The Communication Masterclass is for any who feel they have something to say whether expressed verbally or artistically, through dance, music, media, photography etc. Whoever your audience is they deserve great communication be it speaking, blogging or other social media expressions.

Over the years my masterclasses all over the world have been attended by doctors, dentists, nurses, psychologists, politicians, actors, DJ’s, preachers, lecturers, students, mumpreneurs, CEO’s, accountants, architects, engineers and even airline pilots. So this masterclass is maybe for you. After 30 years as a communicator my greatest passion is to help you give voice to what’s inside you.