For over thirty years.

“I believe that everyone has huge but often untapped potential and helping them to discover and release that is my passion. My conviction is that people are the best idea God ever had.”
Paul’s gift in expressing that is in demand all over the world.

Communication Masterclass

Strip back every layer between you and authenticity!

A one day training event aimed at all whose work, vocation or lifestyle requires them to present their ideas publicly.

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Growing Big People

The question isn't 'how Intelligent Are You?', but 'how are you intelligent'?

Growing big people is designed for leaders, businesses, charities and any organisation that is serious about growing their people.

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Servant Leadership

Love = service = influence = authority

Servant Leadership is an idea whose time has come. We have given leadership to people who are not servants and we have suffered the consequences of that globally in all spheres of life.

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Personal mentoring helps you to understand you.

We all have blind spots and it takes an objective outside to help us see them.

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