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 Mark & Liz Warom (Founders)
Paul Scanlon was the main speaker at our 2016 leadership conference. We take very seriously who stands on our business platform speaking into our top people and have always brought in top speakers from around the world!
There is no doubt whatsoever Paul was quite literally the best we’ve ever had and he took the meeting by storm. Paul is probably one of the best communicators we know and he had the audience on the edge of their seats (even in the graveyard hour!) he makes people laugh, cry, think, imagine, be present in the moment as well as delving into the soul from a past and future prospective. Paul is a smart, well read, intuitive presenter and we were beyond thrilled with his performance The feedback has been unanimously positive and we will be bringing him back next year. Magic, pure magic!
Mark & Liz Warom (Founders) / Temple Spa

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